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How Can I Contact LOUD Security?

There are many ways to reach us.  You may simply call us at 770-427-1300 or use our “contact us” page to send us a message.

Does LOUD Security offer services other than security?

Yes.  We are a complete solution to all of your low-voltage needs.  Besides security systems, we also provide installation and service on whole house audio, theatre rooms, phones, TV, networking, cameras and central vacuum systems.

Can I access my LOUD security system through my smart phone?

Absolutely!  With Total Connect by LOUD Security, today’s newer systems can be accessed in ways that were never a possibility in the past.  Sytems can now be armed remotely, send email and text notifications, and be integrated with cameras for remote viewing.  If you’re interested in these features, or to check compatibility with an older system, please […]

Will my LOUD security system work without a home phone line?

While a standard POTS (plain old telephone service i.e. BellSouth, AT&T) telephone line is the most reliable form of communication for a security system, there may be other methods of communication available in your area. The most common alternative form of communication is a cellular communicator. A cellular communicator is installed into an existing system […]

Will my LOUD security system work with VoIP (Comcast, U-Verse, Vonage)?

Although securit systems do sometimes work with VoIP services, LOUD Security does not recommend the use of them for your alarm system. Since VoIP services are only as reliable as the internet connection they depend on, the reliability of the phone lines can fluctuate throughout the day as bandwidth is adjusted by your internet provider.   […]

How do I test my LOUD security system?

You can call our office at 770-427-1300 and ask to put your system on test. Our operators are available 24 hours per day.  You may then send a signal and we can check to make sure it was received. You should test your system weekly for proper operation.

What is a cancellation code word?

A cancellation code word is a simple word or phrase chosen by the customer to cancel the dispatch of authorities in the event of a false alarm. It should be a word that is easy to remember but hard for an outsider to guess. Your code word should NEVER be obvious to others around you.

How do I change my contact information?

Please call our office with your current cancellation code word and we will be happy to update your information.  Remember, for security reasons, we cannot update your information without a current cancellation code word.

What if I have forgotten my cancellation code word?

If you’ve forgotten your current code word, simply call our office at 770-427-1300.  We’ll be happy to assist you with choosing a new one

What if I go on vacation, can I change the person you call?

Yes, we can temporarily change your contact information. Just give us a call with the information and dates of the change.  Don’t forget to let us know when you are back in town.

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